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...and that is wonderful. We don't know each other yet but I do know that you have something in your mind about how you want to present this idea. You have BIG plans for this idea and know EXACTLY how this idea is going to make your life better.

Maybe you are a NEW business owner that needs a website vision realized. Maybe you already own a business and need a fresh NEW vision for your website. Maybe you just need to bounce your IDEA off another human to see what you have got.

I have ideas too! I've taken quite a few of my ideas and made them into something real. So I know what it takes to birth these seemingly crazy notions into the REAL world.

About Me

(From left to right) Me, Tiny Human, Pretty Lady

I'm Danny to my friends (Daniel to my Mom). I've been breathing for about 30 years give or take. I'm a fully qualified human being with a long list of desirable skills and virtues that include: Respectfulness, Compassion, Listening Abilities, Brain Usability and a fully functional Imagination.

I hail from Northern California but I've been an expatriate in Vung Tau Vietnam for about a year and a half now. The picture close to these words is of my family.

Fast facts about Vietnam:

Let's Work Together

"So Danny, what would you say 'You DO here?'" - The Bobs

I build things on the internet. Simple enough. Remember that IDEA of yours we talked about earlier? I can build THAT thing. I make it something you can sell, do business with and have fun with. I can make it REAL.

If you want a list of technical jargon I certainly have that. If you want a list of skills I have that too. It is long and very boring (9+ years of pile up) but includes nearly everything your research is telling you to look for in a web developer.

Another quick list. This time it is my important work skills:

Find out if I'm a good match for you.

Plot Twist: My true purpose is to provide sustenance for the gaping maw of the Tiny Human of which I was irresponsibly given the task of joint stewardship with the Pretty lady. Did you know they have to eat every... single... day?